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Provincial Labour Office Phrae

Phrae preparation for the Labor Day National Phrae Annual 2550.


Phrae preparation for the Labor Day National Phrae to the 2550 annual labor has shown loyalty and honor King’s rainy season 80.

Mr. vast truth of Labor Protection and Welfare Wsin Phrae Province suggests that transmission by the Office of Labor Protection and Welfare Phrae Province. Scheduled work day, National Labor Phrae annual rainy season in 2550 HM The King 80. Employers to labor officials in the Ministry of Labor and the general public in the provinces spread. Has shown loyalty and the sense of divine grace. By organizing activities such as philanthropy put a royal gift giving. Honor ranking walk rainy season and 80 Thai workers removing power threats drugs hold time sovereign God. Also, campaigns have reduced the dangers of working. Outstanding praise employees for each business establishment. His favorite plant. The donor. Services workers. For labor / people. And sports. Of labor, etc..

The event scheduled to be held on Tuesday, May 1, 2550 at the Arena hall spread. Employers are invited. Owned enterprise employees Ministry of Labor officials. And the general public on the working time from 06.00 – 18.00